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No Buyer's Tax (/shop)
/sethome 3 Homes 5 Homes 10 Homes 20 Homes 50 Homes 100 Homes
/tpa and /tpahere
/chest 1 Row 2 Rows 3 Rows 4 Rows 5 Rows 6 Rows
/effect Rain Ender Smoke Blaze Hearts Sparkle
Halo Bonus Info Info Info Info Info Info
CTF Special Kit Info Info Info Info Info Info
Tier 1 /disguise
/ptime (Change Time)
Spawn Heads in Creative
Tier 2 /disguise
Tier 3 /disguise
/nv (Night Vision)
Mine Spawners
Tier 4 /disguise
Tier 1 /spawner
Colored Signs
Chat Color
Purple Orange
Tier 5 /disguise
Tier 2 /spawner

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  3. Attract more players to the server through advertising campaigns

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